Chain Curtains Retail

Chain Curtains Retail

Corner Star sell Chain Curtains which are manufactured into chain curtain screens and metal curtain room dividers, these are often used for decorative, design or acoustic purposes. The most popular chain curtain line is the anodised Aluminium Fly Screen Chain Curtains, which comes in a range of 8 colours. CONTACT :

Chain Curtain Hair Salon Screen

Chain Curtain Salon Screen 6.3m

Fly Screen Chain Curtain Rail No. 1. Staple large (silver, white, bronze and gold)
No. 2. Staple mini (silver, white, bronze and gold)
No. 3. Comb (silver, white, bronze, gold)
No. 4. Krismar Curtain (silver, white, bronze and black)
No. 5. Curtain comb (galvanized iron)

Fly Screen Chain Curtain Screens

Variety of chain curtain colours with a number of applications from design to architectural

The aluminium Chain Links are 2mm in diameter with a maximum load (without bending) of approximately 24 kilos. The Chain Link can be ordered in boxes containing 6 x 100 metres sacks, (30 boxes per pallet)

600 metres makes up approximately 4 x standard sized Fly Screen Door Chain Curtains. The Mounting frame or headrail has 78 holes per metre and comes in 10 x 4 metre lengths. A 100 hole headrail is now available and when used in conjunction with our smaller chain links can be used to create a tighter chain curtain weave.

Here are some recent installations of aluminium chain curtains as screens or doors and on both commercial and domestic premises. Chain Curtains  are ideal for those locations where this is a constant flow of people and goods moving in and out of an office, kitchen or food preparation area. Contact Us today for bulk purchases or individual made to measure chain curtains.