The Corner Star Heavy Duty Flyscreen Pet Door has been developed and tested to withstand knocks and constant impacts from pet dogs. The door frame is made from Corner Star’s sturdy Door Sash and Midrail profiles.

By using a combination of both pet mesh and 3-4mm plexiglass or perspex, inserted into the bottom panel, this makes the flyscreen pet door robust enough to withstand sustained abuse from pet dogs.

The Corner Star flyscreen pet door is attached to the door frame using flush self closing door hinges, these use magnets to self close. The flyscreen pet door hinges are riveted to the sash door frame and are then simply screwed into the door frame.

Fluffy pile can be added to the inside of the flyscreen pet door, the pile helps to adds a layer of insulation on a sliding door and also dampens noise on a hinged screen.  Contact us to learn more about Corner Star products.