Warema Side Awning

Privacy on Balcony

The Warema Patio Side Awning serves as a retractable patio side screen and is a practical addition to your balcony and terrace. It also provides protection from low sun, light wind and prying eyes. There is a broad selection of fabrics and colours available for the patio side screen. DOWNLOAD 390 FACTSHEET

The Warema Patio Side Awning can also be produced with sloped fabric and a transparent PVC panel can also be incorporated to provide a clear view through the side awning. When the Warema Patio Side Awning is retracted into the cassette, the fabric is well-protected against dust and soiling.

We recommend that one of our trained awning specialists conducts a survey in order to ensure a smooth and attractive installation. Please contact us for more information about the The retractable Warema patio side awning


Min. height 1250 mm
Min. projection 1000 mm
Max. height 2500 mm
Max. projection Soltis 92, acrylic fabric: 5000 mm
Crystal clear PVC sheeting*: 3500 mm
Max. area Soltis 92, acrylic fabric: 10 m²
Crystal clear PVC sheeting*: 8.5 m²

* Only in combination with Soltis 92

Additional images

 Grip Ground sleeve PVC film combined with Soltis 92 fabric