Warema 700S Integrated Awning

When mounted in a shaft space, the Warema 700S Integrated awning completely disappears into the shaft space when it has been retracted.

The Warema 700S Integrated awning can be individually adapted to suit the facade design.

Diverse colors and designs allow you to make design and colour choices according to your wishes.


Max. width 596 cm

Max. projection 300 cm

Coupled awnings not possible, must be sat side by side

Inclination angle 20°

Motor 230v motor available as wired or wireless control

Frame Colours See Warema fabric and colour charts HERE

Fabric selection fabrics qualities: Acrylic fabrics, Soltis 92, Twilight Pearl | Selection: more than 250 designs | Processing: Innovative UltraSeam ™ gluing process, sewn or welded