Dengue spreading fast, says WHO

January 29, 2013By cornerstarNews

Dengue is the world’s fastest-spreading tropical disease and represents a “pandemic threat,” infecting an estimated 50 million people across all continents, the World Health Organisation (WHO) said on Wednesday. Report by Reuters Transmitted by the bite of female mosquitoes, the disease is occurring more widely due to increased movement of people and goods — including … Read More

The World Malaria Report 2012 – WHO – Funding Leveling off

December 20, 2012By cornerstarNews, Vector Borne Diseases

News release: 17 December 2012 | Monrovia, Liberia, Geneva During the past decade, a concerted effort by endemic countries, donors and global malaria partners led to strengthened malaria control around the world. The scale-up of malaria prevention and control interventions had the greatest impact in countries with high malaria transmission; 58% of the 1.1 million … Read More

Cambodia accused of serious Corruption in malaria fight

November 17, 2012By cornerstarNews

Not a great reflection on a country when you cannot trust the state’s appointed agents! 14th November 2012 A major international aid fund has accused Cambodia of “serious” corruption in the use of money intended to combat malaria and other life-threatening diseases. The UN-backed Global Fund to fight AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria said a probe … Read More

Treating Malaria using Home Brew

November 8, 2012By cornerstarNews

In the Nigerian Tribune today I came across an article written by Sade Oguntola which has a slightly bizarre but interesting couple of opening paragraphs. ‘Following studies that validate the traditional use of Bitter leaf in the treatment of malaria in Nigeria, a new study has found that the best mode of preparing local recipe using the … Read More

MP Visited Ghana and caught Malaria

October 27, 2012By cornerstarNews

MP Eric Joyce has been hospitalised after catching malaria. He was on a business trip to Ghana and didn’t take his medication! Despite the warnings from GPs, the various travel sites, and the high profile Malaria No More campaign, people continue to travel to Sub Saharan Africa without taking the basic precautions! On a recent … Read More

New Malaria outbreak in Greece, CDC Update

October 21, 2012By cornerstarNews

I was staggered to read on The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website that (CDC) they have received information that there have been 14 additional P. vivax malaria cases identified in Greece; four that are locally-acquired cases in Greek residents with no previous travel, and 10 cases in immigrants. Those 10 cases could have … Read More