Tame the sun and enhance your home.

Light and heat can make or break an interior space.

Too much glare makes an office unusable; too much heat makes a conservatory unbearable. Block out too much sun, however, and a room turns dim and unwelcoming.

At Corner Star, we offer technically advanced, beautifully designed sun-shading solutions that will help you strike the perfect balance of sunlight and temperature.

Browse this section to discover our wide range of Venetian, roller, blackout and ceiling blinds, along with fresh ideas for insect-proofing, doors and dividing interior space.

Everything is built to order. So if you have an effect you want to create, or a space you need to work with, get in touch. We’ll be pleased to offer suggestions and advice.

Venetian Blinds

Traditional Venetian blinds give you perfect glare control, thermal protection and visual privacy...

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds offer effective sun shading plus the chance to bring new design accents into your room.

Blackout Blinds

Daylight is wonderful – but there are times when you just don’t need it.

Ceiling Roller Blinds

WAREMA’s ceiling roller blinds are ideal if you want total control over the level of light through your overhead windows.

Hinged Door Insect Screens

WAREMA’s insect screen doors are perfect for enjoying light and air from your balcony or patio – but without annoying insects.

Window Sash Frame Insect Screens

Large windows bring the summer into your home, allowing you to enjoy beautiful sunlight and warm air.

Roller Blind Insect Screens

WAREMA’s roller blind insect screens let you enjoy the light and warmth of summer, while making sure annoying insects stay in the natural world where they belong.


Curtains. They’re not just for windows any more.

Vertical louvres

Vertical louvre blinds make a striking change from horizontal venetian blinds.

Chain Curtains

Chain curtain screens make ideal room dividers and insect screens, and are also popular for decoration, interior design and acoustic applications.

WAREMA Control Systems

With WAREMA’s smart control systems, you can make sure you maintain the perfect climate throughout the day. 

As a homeowner, you can use the unique and secure radio-based WMS (WAREMA Mobile System) to control your blinds, curtains and pergolas from your smartphone. 

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Warema controls uk
Warema Configurator

WAREMA Configurator

Configure your own customised sun shading system

The interactive sun shading system experience – simply go into your living room, kitchen or patio and configure the sun shading product of your choice in the WAREMA Configurator.

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WAREMA Collection Assistant

Explore the range of fabrics in WAREMA's collections digitally and experience the colours and designs for awnings, internal sun shading systems and black-out blinds. The colour selection is an important decision, so take your time and compare WAREMA's designs at your leisure with WAREMA's Collection Assistant.

The convenient tool for finding the right fabric for your individual sun shading product!

Collection Assistant


Make your outdoor space a living space.