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We helped Mr and Mrs Franklin improve their contemporary home with a new remote-controlled roof blind.

The Franklins wanted a new conservatory roof-blind for their picturesque timber-frame Huf Haus in Surrey, built in 2008.

With so much glazing, a roof blind is essential to provide shade and keep temperatures to a comfortable level. They asked us to survey the site, check out their existing blind and suggest a newer, more robust model with radio control.


We helped Mr and Mrs Schalkwyk by installing a blind to reduce light and heat in their conservatory.

Mr and Mrs Schalkwyk have a Solarlux conservatory at the back of their Surrey home. However, they were finding it too hot in sun, and also too bright for Mr Schalkwyk to work on a computer screen. After living with the heat and light for three years, he did his own research and decided to go for the WAREMA W10 internal conservatory awning.


For this private contract, we worked with an architect to design and specify remote-controlled external venetian blinds.

The clients were planning a major contemporary extension to their family home in Streatley, Oxfordshire, and chose local architects Absolute Architecture to design it.

Absolute’s modern design featured extensive glazing. To safeguard their privacy and control light and heat levels, the family wanted to install external venetian blinds, which they had experienced while living overseas. They chose WAREMA dim-out blinds, which offer total light control and the most robust, wind-resistant slats on the market.


We helped this local council add blinds to the ground floor of their building to safeguard confidentiality while optimising heat and light.

Woking Borough Council is based in an extensive town-centre office space, some of which is sublet to related organisations.

Having installed external venetian blinds on the south- and west-facing elevations of their building, the Council had grown accustomed to the comfortable working conditions and environmental benefits these blinds offer. When they decided to install new ground-floor blinds and update the controls for their existing blinds, we were delighted to win the tender.



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