When summer finally arrives, it’s so nice to welcome visitors into your home… unless they’re insects. 

For allergy sufferers, throwing open doors and windows also means letting in waves of pollen, guaranteeing day-long misery even if they stay indoors. 

WAREMA insect screens are the answer to both problems. The highly transparent VisionAir fibreglass fabric keeps mosquitoes and other insects firmly at bay, while giving you the best possible view of the summer’s day outside. 

The innovative pollen protection and fine dust screen effectively filters out even the finest airborne particles, allowing only fresh summer air to flow through your home. 

The screens easily adapt to whatever windows or sun-shading solutions you already have in place, giving you a whole new dimension of comfort in the warmer months.


  • Available with fixed, swivel or sash frame; as swinging doors; as light-well covers or as roller blinds
  • Excludes insects and filters out pollen and fine dust generated by traffic
  • Can be adapted to unusual window shapes


  • Windows, doors, balcony doors
  • Kitchens, living spaces, bedrooms
  • Ideal for allergy sufferers

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