External Venetian Blinds and Controls for Woking Council

We helped this local council add blinds to the ground floor of their building to safeguard confidentiality while optimising heat and light.

Woking Borough Council is based in an extensive town-centre office space, some of which is sublet to related organisations.

Having installed external venetian blinds on the south- and west-facing elevations of their building, the Council had grown accustomed to the comfortable working conditions and environmental benefits these blinds offer. When they decided to install new ground-floor blinds and update the controls for their existing blinds, we were delighted to win the tender.

We recommended WAREMA Climatronic, a hard-wired control system that offers superb accuracy, reliability, scalability and flexibility. The system offers independent control over blinds on four individual elevations at once.

During a renovation, the Council had installed a sophisticated heating, cooling and ventilation (HVAC) system. To complement this system and boost its efficiency, the sub-shading system automatically optimises the angle of the blind slats in response to the sun’s changing position. This effectively regulates levels of both light and heat without requiring users to intervene at all.

We delivered the project on time and on budget, allowing the Council to move its tenants into the ground-floor space promptly and without compromising privacy, which is essential for their sensitive work. For their part, the tenants are very pleased with the operation of the blinds, particularly the integration with the HVAC system.