WAREMA W10 Internal Awning for a Solarlux Conservatory Roof

We helped Mr and Mrs Schalkwyk by installing a blind to reduce light and heat in their conservatory.

Mr and Mrs Schalkwyk have a Solarlux conservatory at the back of their Surrey home. However, they were finding it too hot in the sun, and also too bright for Mr Schalkwyk to work on a computer screen. After living with the heat and light for three years, he did his own research and decided to go for the WAREMA W10 internal conservatory awning.

The W10 is ideally suited for Solarlux conservatories, and comes with brackets designed to fit perfectly with the roof system. The Schalkwyks opted for a simple remote control with a radio motor, and our electrician expertly wired in the new blind and discreetly concealed the cabling.

The Schalkwyks could not be happier, and have even discovered some unexpected benefits. ‘We’re really enjoying the atrium with the blind/awning,’ they say. ‘It also worked well at night when we entertained, as it helped to dampen the sound. It works very well, the colour is perfect and meets our requirements. Please thank your team as the installation looks very professional.’