WAREMA W20 External Conservatory Roof Blind for a Surrey Huf Haus

We helped Mr and Mrs Franklin improve their contemporary home with a new remote-controlled roof blind.

The Franklins wanted a new conservatory roof-blind for their picturesque timber-frame Huf Haus in Surrey, built in 2008.

With so much glazing, a roof blind is essential to provide shade and keep temperatures to a comfortable level. They asked us to survey the site, check out their existing blind and suggest a newer, more robust model with radio control.

Our survey highlighted the steep incline of the roof and the house’s exposure to both sun and wind. Based on our findings, we recommended the WAREMA W20 Conservatory Roof Blind with Secudrive.

The patented Secudrive system features pergola fabric welded to steel tooth belts that drive up and down within the slim guiderails. This keeps the fabric secure and taut, and prevents light entering through gaps between the fabric and the rails.

The existing controls were old and inadequate, so we replaced them with a solar-powered remote control with a sun and wind sensor, also from WAREMA, which automatically controls the blind in response to weather conditions.

We handled the entire project, from removing the older blind to ordering, installing and commissioning the new one – and the Franklins are delighted with the results. ‘Our new roof blind is working and looks great, thanks,’ they say. ‘The adjusted sensor is working really well, and the shade is very welcome!’