External Venetian Blinds for a Family Home in Oxfordshire

For this private contract, we worked with an architect to design and specify remote-controlled external venetian blinds.

The clients were planning a major contemporary extension to their family home in Streatley, Oxfordshire, and chose local architects Absolute Architecture to design it. (Read Absolute’s overview of the project.)

Absolute’s modern design featured extensive glazing. To safeguard their privacy and control light and heat levels, the family wanted to install external venetian blinds, which they had experienced while living overseas. They chose WAREMA dim-out blinds, which offer total light control and the most robust, wind-resistant slats on the market.

We worked with Absolute Architecture to design and specify the blinds with a radio system and remote controls. We then collaborated with the builder, Greenham Construction, to incorporate the blinds and guiderails into a reveal built into the extension’s beautiful cedar cladding.