Corner Star are proud to be the preferred Warema UK dealer and installer since 2011

Warema have been making state-of-the-art sun shades for over 60 years. Today, Warema is the number-one full-range supplier of sun-shading technology and control systems in Europe.

Warema’s products are far more than just blinds. They are active sunlight management systems, combining energy efficiency, climate management and personal comfort, making them ideal for both home and office applications. They combine contemporary design, optimum functionality and superb ease of use, giving you one of the finest sun-shading systems you can buy.

Warema products help you strike the perfect balance of light and shade within your space. You can filter out glaring sunshine at the height of summer, and maximise the daylight during the darker months. Whether you want to work, relax, entertain, read or use a screen, a Warema sun shade is the key to optimising your environment and making the most of your home.

Warema blinds manage heat as well as light. They can filter out solar radiation through your window, allowing you to manage ‘greenhouse effects’ and improve the energy efficiency of your home. With Warema, you can achieve a comfortable temperature all year round – no matter how much sunlight your room receives.

However, Warema products aren’t just functional. They look great too, with sleek contemporary designs that complement the aesthetics of your room without being flashy or conspicuous. There are a range of colours and finishes to choose from, allowing you to tone in your Warema blind with an existing look or complement the materials used to construct your home.

Product lines include external Warema external venetian blinds, awnings, internal sun shading, roller shutters, sun sails, insect screens, daylighting systems, skylights and patio roofs. Corner Star also stock and commission control systems for all Warema products.

Warema external Venetian blinds

Maximum protection against sun glare in a sleek, functional design

Warema internal Venetian blinds

Elegant, functional and easy to install – in a wide range of colours

Warema awnings

Get the most from your outside space with parasols, canopies and exterior roof blinds

Warema roller blinds

High-grade roller blinds give you complete control over natural light, with a huge range of colours and fabrics

Warema pleated blinds

Customised blinds that work with almost any shape of window, in fabrics ranging from translucent to completely opaque

Warema Smart Home solutions

Network your systems for sun-shading, light and heat and control them via your phone – or completely automatically

Warema roller shutters

External roller shutters exclude sun and glare in summer, while minimising heat loss in winter – and deter intruders too

Warema curtain panels

These discreet window coverings bring privacy and shade, and can also be used as room dividers

Warema insect screens

In summer, you want to let air in – but keep insects and pollen out. Warema insect screens are the answer