International conference: Dengue battle is just beginning

November 12, 2012By cornerstarNews

According to an article published in the International Herald Tribune, reports from Lahore in India show that despite the widespread use of fumigation and fogging as a deterrent, this method has not been successful in eliminating the mosquito, Aedes aegypti, which causes Dengue. In a speech given at the International Dengue Conference, Dr Lee Chin said … Read More

Treating Malaria using Home Brew

November 8, 2012By cornerstarNews

In the Nigerian Tribune today I came across an article written by Sade Oguntola which has a slightly bizarre but interesting couple of opening paragraphs. ‘Following studies that validate the traditional use of Bitter leaf in the treatment of malaria in Nigeria, a new study has found that the best mode of preparing local recipe using the … Read More

The Indian Government Must Tackle Dengue Problem Fast

November 7, 2012By cornerstarNews

Today the New York Times reported that ‘An epidemic of dengue fever in India is fostering a growing sense of alarm even as government officials here have publicly refused to acknowledge the scope of a problem that experts say is threatening hundreds of millions of people, not just in India but around the world.’ It … Read More

39 more test positive for dengue in Delhi

November 5, 2012By cornerstarNews

New Delhi, November 5, 2012. Dengue is fast spreading in the capital with 39 people testing positive for the mosquito-borne disease on Monday, taking the total number of cases to over 1,200. While 37 cases were reported from three municipal corporations, two cases were reported from VVIP areas in the capital. A total of 1,211 … Read More

Northern Ireland not Immune to Schmallenberg Virus

November 1, 2012By cornerstarNews

I have no idea why the farmers of Northern or Southern Ireland thought that they would be left immune to the Schmallenberg Virus? According to Wikipedia The ‘Schmallenberg virus is the informal name given to an orthobunyavirus, which has not been given a formal name as of January 2012, initially reported in November 2011 to … Read More