Warema External Venetian Blinds fitted with super-fast terrace motors (STM) dramatically reduces the time to open and close your blinds. 

Irritating wait times for blinds in front of balcony and patio doors are now a thing of the past. The super-fast terrace motor (STM) for Warema external venetian blinds clears doorways in the blink of an eye.

You can now order new Warema Venetian Blinds from Corner Star fitted with Geiger’s new Super-Fast terrace motor. The Super Fast Motors can also be retro fitted to existing blinds. The motor reduces the time that the blinds deploy and retract by over 50%. 

A standard External Venetian Blind which is fitted to French patio door will retract the blind up in less that 30 seconds. This motor is particularly useful for doors which are used alot.

The motors can be programmed to allow up to 16 seperate tilt positions, this gives more control over both sunlight and shade. Contact Us Here to find out more about the Warema External Venetian Blinds fitted with super-fast terrace motors.

External venetian blinds are a great way to enhance the comfort and appearance of your home. They offer many benefits, such as:

– You to control the amount of light and heat that enters your rooms, reducing glare and saving energy on cooling and heating costs.
– External Venetian Blinds protect your furniture, carpets and artworks from fading and damage caused by UV rays.
– They add privacy and security to your windows, preventing unwanted views and intrusions.
– They create a stylish and modern look for your home, with a range of colours and textures to suit individual preferences.

External venetian blinds are easy operate, with manual or motorized options available. They are also durable and low-maintenance, requiring only occasional cleaning and maintenance.

If you are looking for a smart and practical way to improve your home’s comfort, value and appeal, Warema external venetian blinds with the new Super Fast Terrace Motors are the perfect choice.