Warema Wisotronic Control Panel
Warema Wisotronic 1 Channel Control Panel

Warema Central control systems meet many sun shading requirements. Warema central control systems are ideal for everything from individual awnings to controlling thousands of sun shading products – both in the domestic and the commercial sectors. 

From simple functions like sun control protection through to commerical scale controls which can handle a variety of weather parameters and on through to full building automation and BMS programme integration, the Warema range offers the right control for every function and installation requirement.

The Wisotronic 1-channel Control Panel is a sun shading controller that works with all of the WAREMA sun-shading products, such as roller shutters, patio awnings, venetians and window awning products.

Easy To Use and Programme

The Wisotronic 1-channel controls shading products of the same type on one channel with adjustable parameters for Sun, Wind, Rain which facilitate operation and protect the products. The Warmea Wisotronic Operating Manual can be Downloaded HERE

Automated Functionality

Full range of functions: The combination with the multisense weather station leads to maximum comfort and energy efficiency. An internal temperature sensor is integrated in the control panel.

Transmission safe

Modern control system for roller shutters, fabric, slat and window products: control lines connect the control center with the motor control units (MCCs). A continuous connection is guaranteed as this is a hard-wired product.

Warema Wisotronic Weather Station
Warema Wisotronic Multisense Weather Sensor

Warema Sensors record weather data and this data is forwarded to the Warema Wisotronic control panel and then matched against the limit values set by the user. Depending on the set parameters, the control center controls the sun protection products to react automatically or as pre-programmed.


Essential for a feel-good climate and energy efficiency: Sensors record the current weather data, the control center reacts to this and automatically and controls the sun protection products. 

Full Flexability

Adjustable limit values: Sun protection products can be activated centrally in order to carry out a pre-defined actions automatically. Download the Operating Instructions for the Warmea Multisense Weather Station HERE

Essential Control

With precise weather data, the control center ensures defined lighting conditions in the building and promotes a comfortable indoor climate.