Warema produce a range of Roller Shutters which can be fitted into a number of different project situations. For new buildings and propoerty renovations both the Top-Mounted and Shaft Roller Shutter models are suitable and the blinds are installed on top of, or in front of, the window frames.

For renovation and property refurbishments the Front-Mounted Roller Shutters are perfect as they can be fitted within a void or on the building cladding.

Corner Star have undertaken projects to install both models and what is critical for the successful installaiton of Top or Front Mounted Roller Shutters, is to identify and plan in the space required for the box housing the Roller Shutter Curtain.

The photographs below highlight both the Top Mounted and the Front Mounted models. The space required for these roller shutters will be determined by the window or door width and height and the brochure available highlights the Max Min widths and heights available for the various models.

Top Mounted Fact Sheet

Front Mounted Fact Sheet

While both manual and motorised control are available for Roller Shutters, from experience of fitting both we recommend that customers install the motorised version. The planning, coordination, knowledge and labour hours required to install the manual or crank models, far outweighs the cost of the motorised models.

Various optional extras are available to be fitted to the Front and Top Mounted Roller Shutters and these include; manual insect screens, plastic and aluminium slats with and without foam filling and a range of radio and 230v motors.

Corner Star Aluminium also supply and install the Griesser Rolpac Roller Shutter, this is front mounted and is suitable for locations where there is not much space available. The Griesser Rolpac Roller Shutter can be fitted into a 130mm deep void, with the height being determined by the total window or door height to be covered.

The Rolpac is innovative in that the Roller Shutter curtain is rolled up and folds into the headrail, this reduces height and depth required to store the curtain. The Griesser Rolpac Roller Shutter Technical Manual is avaiable HERE