Corner Star Aluminium a Warema UK distributor and service partner were contacted by Solarlux to assist one of their installers with the repair of a Warema W20 on a Solarlux conservatory roof. Solarlux produce a range of glass canopies, wintergarden extensons or conservatories, bi-folding doors and window systems.

Warema have a lasting partnership with Solarlux and have designed and developed specific products to work with the Solarlux range. Solarlux work with sales and installation partners throughout the UK and Ireland who have been carefully selected to install Solarlux products. There are some partners who have been awarded the title of “Quality Partner” who are more than just “sales partners”; they have taken product, installation and sales training courses at the Solarlux Academy.

Corner Star have been working with Warema for 10 years and all of our Installers and Service Engineers have been trained on the Warema range of Awnings, Blinds and Controls which are fitted to Solarlux canopies, Pergolas and conservatories.

A Solarlux UK installation partner contacted Corner Star through their head office. A customer had a Warema W20 conservatory awning which had been badly damaged by an overhanging tree, part of which had landed on the external roof blind.

Corner Star obtained the original order number from Solarlux head office. From the order number we ordered new fabric and mechanical parts for the Warema W20 blind. Once the parts arrived, a date was scheduled with the customer for the repair and service work to take place. The customer asked for the fabric to be replaced like for like with the original colour and specification.

The Solarlux customer gave us some very good feedback and was extremely happy to have his Warema W20 conservatory roof blind ready for the coming spring and summer season. If you have a Solarlux glass canopy, wintergarden extension or conservatory fitted with a Warema Roof Blind, please do not hesitate to contact us HERE with any questions or queries.

If you have a Solarlux Canopy, Pergola or Conservatory and require a new blind, Corner Star as a Warema UK partner are happy to prepare a quote for either the Climara W10 Internal Roof Blind or the Climara W20 External Roof Blind.