There are some very simple ways of preventing people being infected with Dengue, fly nets, fly screens and even more cost effective are the sprays and lotions, a much cheaper way at keeping people out of hospitals!

NEW DELHI: With 32 fresh dengue cases reported on Saturday, the total number of patients infected with the vector-borne disease has gone up to 617 this season. Experts say the actual number of cases may be higher as the civic agencies’ data is based only on the reports provided by 41 government-run hospitals and 13 private hospitals.

“Most other private hospitals and nursing homes do not report to the municipal corporations. Some confirmed cases are excluded from the list because the agencies do not accept a rapid kit test — conducted by a number of hospitals — for the confirmation of positive cases,” said Dr Harish Gupta, president, Delhi Medical Association. He said that most hospitals are facing a crisis as far as availability of beds is concerned. Source: Times of India 21st October 2012.