36 more cases of Dengue Fever have been reported this month, nudging the total number to 985 cases reported in Delhi, India this year. Like Malaria, Dengue which also goes by its less well known name of Breakbone Fever, is a vector-borne disease which is transmitted when Aedes aegypti mosquitos which are already carrying the disease, bite and feed on human blood.

Cases of Dengue Fever are also regularly being reported in Central and South America, there have also been cases reported in the South Eastern states in the USA. The Orlando Sentinel reported that a man had caught the Fever close to University of Central Florida (UCF). ‘The Seminole and Orange County Health Departments are investigating. It is the first case of locally acquired dengue fever reported in either county since the 1960s’.

This is a disease like Malaria which appears to be heading and spreading further North and surviving longer in less temperate climates.