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New external venetian blind 80 S reduces thermal bridges

New to UK The 80SExternal venetian blinds with 80 mm beaded slats are Corner Star and Warema’s most the UKs most popular and best-selling external venetian blinds. With the new award winning 80S, Warema has enhanced and imporved on the exising 80mm models, by significantly reducing slat stack heights while simultaneously increasing the stability. As a result, the new external venetian blind 80 S recently been awarded with the prestigious Industry ‘iF Product Design Award 2014’.

 Overhaul improves energy balance

New 80S Reduced Stack Height
New 80S Reduced Stack Height

In the construction industry, slat stack heights (height of stacked slats when unit is retracted) of external venetian blinds are becoming increasingly important with regard to legal regulations on heat insulation. The slat stack height is a major factor in the planning of shaft and cover panel heights for a building. Since these dimensions always represent a weak point on the facade in terms of energy, they should be kept as small as possible. The smaller the shaft, the smaller the potential energy losses. With the new 80 S, it is now possible to reduce by valuable centimetres, the slat stack height been reduced by more than 15% and it has also been possible to increase the stability of the slats by over 5% at the same time. Because cover panel sizes decrease in size along with the slat stack height, the sun shading system can be integrated in the facade much less obtrusively. Corner Star offers a service to assist with the calculation of cover panels and slat stack heights.

Details make the difference

Warema 80 S external venetian blind
80S Installed by Corner Star

To reduce the slat stack height, Warema overhauled both the bottom rail design and the slat geometry. The slats now have an even more delicate appearance as a result of the significantly reduced diameter of their rolled beads.

In addition, the new slat geometry provides greater stability and strength. With their high-quality, flush-mounted 2-point welding and large counter plate, the improved guide pins transfer this stability all the way into the guide rails. A new cable guidance eyelet allows the largest possible tilt angle while also helping to reduce the slat stack height. Last but not least, the lifting tape eyelets were also improved, making it possible reduce the incidence of light in the room interior to a minimum.

External venetian blinds manage sunlight

Since 1955, Warema has been developing and manufacturing modern and functional sun shading solutions that enable active sunlight management. The external venetian blinds have played an important part in this process since the start of the 1960s.

Solutions from Corner Star and Warema are not only centred on innovative products and technology: they also reflect the input of extensive expert knowledge and high standards in manufacturung and delivery. That’s why external venetian blinds from Warema stand for superior quality.

Ten different slat geometries, 30 standard slat colours and over 250 different powder colours mean that virtually any desired concept is possible. The product lineup includes venetian blind window systems, metal system venetian blinds, front-mounted external venetian blinds, arched external venetian blinds and self-supporting units. The company is the leading player in the external venetian blind market on the strength of its special approach to offering client-focused solutions, which include Warema vivamatic® (, noise-reduced top rail brackets, wind-stable models, the battery-operated emergency retraction set for evacuation routes and the revolutionary Reynolux® EcoClean™ protective coating for external venetian blind slats.
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The new 80S external venetian blind will be presented at the Warema booth at the BAU in Munich (C1/538) and the R+T in Stuttgart (3/B32).