A short meeting with a colleague of ours this afternoon has thrown up some really interesting new applications for Corner Star Fly Screens, it is amazing what 2 inquiring minds can achieve in only an hour. I met with Dave Kirby from Old Bill’s Pest Control, a Pest Controller based in Amersham, Buckinghamshire and he has opened up a whole host of fly screen applications!

First new application is a Mouse Grill, where a standard Corner Star inner fly screen frame can be made using metal mesh and hollow rubber tubing thus making the screen rodent proof. The metal mesh replaces normal fly screen mesh and prevents mice, rats and other rodents like Glis Glis from gnawing their way through and gaining access to the building.

Roof Eaves

The other new application for Fly screens that Dave identified was for Roof Eaves where Pigeons, Bats, Starlings, Glis Glis and other birds and pests can potentially gain access through the Eaves into the building and loft space.

By attaching a row of narrow fly screens, using pet mesh, to the external eaves will block birds, pests and rodents from gaining access to the roof space.  In many cases fly screens will also eliminate the need for the installation of spikes, nets or trapping.


Image courtesy of Damp Shop Direct