There are multiple applications for Chain Curtain Screens, a form of screening commonly used in both homes and businesses to create a barrier in doorways and other openings to block out insects and other pests. The chain curtain screens are made from a wide variety of materials including, but not limited to, glass, aluminium, plastic and a variety of fabrics.

Chain Curtain Commercial Kitchen
Chain Curtain Screens on Kitchens

Corner Star have received requests for multiple applications for Chain Curtain Screens.

These have included hanging chain curtain screens internally and externally on kitchen and storeroom doors. A  Buckinghamshire junior school recently asked for a silver chain curtain to be hung on their kitchen back door as the school cooked and distributed meals to a number of other schools in the area.

This required the kitchen door to be constantly open to enable the meals to be easily dispatched through the back door, which is also used to ferry ingredients and produce in and out of the kitchen.

Today you are as likely to see chain curtain screens used as a design or architectural feature in popular restaurants, bars and retail or commercial showrooms. Like Good Architecture recently reported on a series of chain curtain screens designed by KriskaDECOR.

For the new showroom for the bathroom furniture company Talsee, the Swiss architecture firm Burkard Meyer required an innovative installation of chain curtain screens hanging from the ceiling. Following the architect’s creative brief, KriskaDECOR created a new modular system for the project.

Chain Curtain Screens as Architectural Design Feature

The client reception area has been installed in the central area of the installation. The varying lengths of the chain curtain screens (the longest measures 7,80 meters) form a ‘rain passage’ that separates the different functions of the showroom, creating a ‘room’ inside each one. Clever lighting creates a surreal and magical ambiance.

Corner Star Aluminium are currently working with Tutti Decor on an exciting project to install a gun metal grey chain curtain screen as a design feature in a popular hair and beauty salon, more images to follow. If you have a project that requires something special please contact us for a free consultation.