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From 12 to 16 March, 2013, Warema, the expert in sunlight management solutions, exhibited at ISH 2013 in Frankfurt, Germany. The trade fair booth highlighted modern solutions for room automation and key technologies for energy efficient sunlight management solutions.

Increasingly, the future of building automation is being defined by technical standards and norms. With its broad spectrum of new, energy-efficient solutions, the company is gearing itself toward this growth market. “With our system, we manage the largest energy valve on the facade,” says Jörg Cantignon, Product Manager for Control Systems of Europe’s leading full-range provider of technical sun shading systems. The new “BAline” control line deserves special attention. “Unlike conventional control systems, this solution features a flexible modular software that can be configured individually for any customer requirements,” Cantignon continues. The room and zone approach that is becoming increasingly important in automation can be ideally implemented using the BAline.

BALine Software

Modern, climate-active facades have a significant impact on the climatic conditions inside buildings. “The more flexibly building envelopes respond to different times of day and seasons, as well as to weather and climate, the less energy is required to achieve comfortable conditions for users,” explains Mathias Straub, also Product Manager for Control Systems at Warema. Therefore, the task at hand is to “harmonize the climatic and constructional conditions”. When a wide range of building features and functionalities are combined with an adjustable sun shading system, the result is an enormous amount of potential savings. This integral approach takes advantage of the greatest, free source of energy we have: the sun. In this field, Warema offers support in the early planning stages, a control hotline and assistance in the commissioning sunlight management solutions and systems on location.

With its wide range of trend-setting and energy-efficient solutions, Warema is well-equipped to meet the requirements of sustainable building envelopes and presents numerous sophisticated developments that far exceed the control of light and shade. After all, in order for a facade to be considered climate-active, its different elements and their operating mechanisms must interact smoothly.