New Warema K70 cassette awning impresses with design and variety of functions.

The new K70 cassette awning once again demonstrates Warema’s commitment to developing technically sophisticated solutions for modern buildings. Conceived with an emphasis on function, the K70 received the renowned iF Product Design Award 2014 for its exclusive design.

Design for cubic building styles
The new K70 cassette awning is characterised by a clear use of forms and a product design that focuses on the bare essentials. When retracted, both the awning fabric and the articulated arms are fully protected against the elements by the closed cassette. The unit’s angular appearance is particularly striking. The new system blends in harmoniously with modern styles of building architecture and is an excellent optical fit with cubic building designs and flat and pitched roofs. Equally impressive are the K70’s construction limit values. A projection of up to four metres is possible at a maximum width of five metres. Unit widths of seven metres are even possible with a maximum projection of 3.50 metres. Still, even at the maximum dimensions, only two consoles are needed to securely fix the unit to the facade.
Comfortable operation via radio technology
An exclusive accessories package provides additional comfort and relaxation. This package includes features such as a valance roller blind for protection against prying eyes and low-angle solar radiation. For the first time, Warema also offers indirect lighting with LED strips located in the cassette of the new model. Another particularly noteworthy feature is the radio remote control, which is completely integrated in the awning and provides added user comfort. Here, Warema relies on its proven Warema Mobile System (WMS), a bidirectional radio system with dependable transmission that was developed by the manufacturer itself. The awning and the valance roller blind are extended and retracted using the hand-held transmitter. In addition, the WMS comfort control and wind sensor provide the necessary level of safety thanks to a fully automatic retraction of the unit during worsening weather or incoming winds.
Individual design of comfort areas
When choosing an awning fabric, users have a large amount of design freedom. The current Warema collection contains over 300 designs. Warema also offers different levels of fabric quality – including the Lumera Acrylic fabric, which features a smooth and very dense surface and allows colours to appear much richer. Even when it comes to the coating on the aluminium parts, users enjoy virtually unlimited possibilities of expressing their personal tastes. Thanks to an in-house powder coating plant, cassettes, front rails and articulated arms can be fashioned to meet individual requests.

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