Dengue spreading fast, says WHO

January 29, 2013By cornerstarNews

Dengue is the world’s fastest-spreading tropical disease and represents a “pandemic threat,” infecting an estimated 50 million people across all continents, the World Health Organisation (WHO) said on Wednesday. Report by Reuters Transmitted by the bite of female mosquitoes, the disease is occurring more widely due to increased movement of people and goods — including … Read More

Update on the outbreak of Dengue on island of Madeira

December 17, 2012By cornerstarNews

Press Release 13th December, 2012: European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control ‘As of 9 December 2012, the Portuguese Ministry of Health has reported 2 050 cases of dengue infection from the Autonomous Region of Madeira. During the current outbreak, 121 people have been hospitalised and no deaths or cases of severe dengue have been … Read More

Dengue Fever at Epidemic levels in India

November 24, 2012By cornerstarNews

The Hindu today reported that ‘A Press Information Bureau update received on Friday (figures up to November 15) stated there were a total of 9249 cases and 60 deaths’ from Dengue. What are the Indian government doing about this Dengue epidemic, they are arguing about whether or not the statistics from various counting centres and … Read More

Dengue epidemia na Madeira precisa de uma ação urgente.

November 22, 2012By cornerstarNews

A seguir foi publicado no PTJornal por hoje por Miguel Moreira. Sr. Moreira estava citando comentários feitos por Francisco George, Director-Geral da Saúde, para o Centro de Controlo e Prevenção de Doenças da Europa. “Dada a dramática expansão da transmissão endémica da dengue mundialmente nos últimos 20 ou 30 anos e dado o alto número … Read More

Major dengue fever outbreak in Europe

November 21, 2012By cornerstarNews

AFP 21/11/2012 STOCKHOLM — Europe is experiencing its first sustained transmission of dengue fever since the 1920s after an outbreak of the mosquito-borne disease in Madeira, Portugal, that has infected more than 1,300 people, an EU agency said. The Portuguese health ministry reported 1,357 cases as of November 11, 669 of which were laboratory confirmed … Read More

Cambodia accused of serious Corruption in malaria fight

November 17, 2012By cornerstarNews

Not a great reflection on a country when you cannot trust the state’s appointed agents! 14th November 2012 A major international aid fund has accused Cambodia of “serious” corruption in the use of money intended to combat malaria and other life-threatening diseases. The UN-backed Global Fund to fight AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria said a probe … Read More

International conference: Dengue battle is just beginning

November 12, 2012By cornerstarNews

According to an article published in the International Herald Tribune, reports from Lahore in India show that despite the widespread use of fumigation and fogging as a deterrent, this method has not been successful in eliminating the mosquito, Aedes aegypti, which causes Dengue. In a speech given at the International Dengue Conference, Dr Lee Chin said … Read More