Huf Haus are a well known and high quality brand of designed and custom built homes entirely made to measure in Germany. According to their website, ‘The HUF HAUS company’s historical roots go back to 1912 when Johann Huf founded his carpenter’s shop in Hartenfels the company’s headquarters in the Westerwald. Johann Huf was the grandfather of the current company owner Georg Huf’.

Huf Hauses are made from wood and glass around a timber frame which this gives them a very distinctive look and feel. The Huf Hauses of today also combine comfort with efficiency as materials and technology are used together to reduce the building’s energy footprint, Huf Haus call this the green[r]evolution.

Warema Asymmetric External Venetian BlindWarema ExternalWarema Self Supporting External Venetian Blind Venetian Blinds for Huf Haus can either be added when ordering a new home or retro-fitted to an existing home. Warema External Venetian Blinds provide comfort and privacy for the homeowner. Warema work closely with Huf Haus in Germany to ensure that the design and specification of its external venetian blinds matches the requirements of the end customer.

Customers who have built or purchased a Huf Haus in the UK and are looking for further assistance with Warema products including, external venetian blinds, awnings or pergolas please feel free to contact Corner Star, Warema’s authorised UK domestic trading partner with any product related questions or queries.

You can also contact Projektplus who offer a consultancy and project management service for high specification developments like Huf Haus.