It is time to order your German made Warema Terrea Awning in time for summer, winter is an ideal time to order your Warema Awning willand have it installed in time for summer. As the weather improves and we start to emerge from winter and make plans for summer, the production and lead times of all Awning Manufacturers start to stretch out.

With the onset of the Covid Pandemic, lockdown and then the subsequent waves of variants, people have chosen, where possible, to work from home and to spend more time outdoor on their patios and in their gardens.

A Warema Terrea awning provides shade and protection from the sun and is a must have if you want to make your patio or balcony as cosy as your indoor space. With a Warema Terrea patio awning, you gain a unique outdoor space for the whole family to work, relax or play.

Warema 580 Terrea Awning
Awning Wall Mouned

The high-grade German Made Warema Terrea awnings give you the refined technology with attractive awning designs and a wide selection of frame and fabric colours. Clever operating accessories provide controls and comfort through a variety of control options and propreitary apps.

If you are considering purchasing an awning in 2022, now is the time to start to do your research and to obtain some quotes. Current lead times by the manmjor manufacturers are running at 4 to 5 weeks and this will increase to 6 to 8 weeks in spring and then out to 10 weeks + as we head into summer.

Contact us HERE if you interested in obtaining a quote for the supply and professional installation of your Warema Terrea Awning.

Warema 580 Terrea Awning
Warema Awning