Corner Star distribute the full range of Caravita Parasols in the UK. The Caravita range includes several large, high-quality, robust parasols, all quick and easy to open and close. Caravita Parasols offer a wide range of shapes, fabric colours and patterns as well as a choice of RAL matched colours on their Parasol frames.

The Big Ben model provides coverage for an area up to 7m in diameter, while Big Ben Freestyle is available in made-to-measure shapes and sizes for a powerful visual statement.

The Samsara is quick to open and available in sizes up to 4m x 4m, while Amalfi is elegantly suspended from its cantilever, giving you flexible shade with no intrusive central pole.

Corner Star recently installed a 3m x 3.5m Amalfi Parasol on a new patio, the Parasol base was mounted on the patio wall using a Caravita base plate. This Parasol base sits vertically on the patio wall and saves ground ground space while allowing the Parasol to fold away neatly against the wall.

Please contact us HERE for more information and pricing, the Caravita Parasol sales catalogue is available HERE.