Corner Star Aluminium, a Warema UK distributor, works with Bere Architects on UK Solar Shading projects. Bere Architects specialises in designing Passive House and UK Plus Energy projects.

Bere contacted Corner Star to supply and install a K70 Warema Integrated awning. The goal of this Terrea K70 project is to prevent solar gain and provide a comfortable, shaded terrace area.

Corner Star and Bere Architects added the Warema Terrea K70 into the construction drawings to ensure that adequate space was created to house the Warema Integrated awning.

Corner Star and Bere designed bespoke mounting brackets for the Terrea K70 Warema Integrated Awning. Awning brackets fix to the structural timber frame and sit outside the protective membrane and this preserves the building airtightness.

Patio awning Terrea K70

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