If you have Flies in the house then according to Barb Ogg, PhD, Extension Educator at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, then “the best way to prevent fly problems in a home is to exclude them by screening” or to use flyscreens on your doors and windows thus erecting a barrier to entry.

pests-new-flyDr. Ogg goes on to explain the biology of the housefly. ‘The most common observed stage of a fly is the winged adult. The adult fly mates, lays eggs in a breeding medium that will provide sufficient food for the immature stage-a pale, legless maggot. The breeding site is nearly always moist and surrounds the soft-bodied maggots. When maggots are full grown, they stop feeding and usually wander from the breeding site in search of a place to pupate. After pupation, they emerge as an adult fly. In warm weather, flies complete their development (egg–larva–pupa–adult) in an incredibly short period, 7-14 days, and produce numerous generations during a typical season.

The Life Cycle of the Housefly: The housefly (Musca domestica) can go through complete metamorphosis, passing from egg to larva, pupa and adult, in as few as eight days. Other fly species have similar life cycles.’

Commercial Kitchen Fly Screen

The use of Flyscreen doors and windows are especially important for restaurants, cafes, bars, care homes, hospitals, schools or in any space where food is being prepared, cooked or stored. ‘Because animal excrement and rubbish or waste are excellent breeding media, certain flies, especially house flies, can transmit disease pathogens. For example, it has been shown that each house fly can easily carry over one million bacteria on its body. Some of the disease-causing agents shown to be transmitted by house flies to humans are: shigella spp. (dysentery and diarrhea = shigellosis), salmonella spp. (typhoid fever, Escherichia coli, (traveller’s diarrhea), and Vibrio comma (cholera).’

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