Corner Star are regularly contacted by homeowners who are looking to solve a growing problem, that of Pigeons nesting under Solar Panels. The issue with Pigeons nesting under Solar Panels is that these feral birds breed and build nests underneath the panels and create a mess by leaving droppings which could represent a health hazard to homeowners.

A customer in the South East near Southampton recently contacted Corner Star Aluminium, this new-build home has 2 arrays of 12 photovoltaic panels installed on 2 separate “wing” roofs, which the photographs below show.

Solar Panels on RoofWinged roof with Solar Panels






On one side the gutters are 5 metres from the ground, on the other they are 7.5 metres. The ridge of each wing is 10 metres high. Corner Star Maintenance Engineers also found access through a skylights on the roof, which can be seen behind the chimney stack.

While this is a relatively new home, which is currently undergoing its final fit out and decoration, the homeowner had already noticed Pigeons nesting under the Solar Panels on his roof and was very keen to resolve this issue as soon as possible. Corner Star Maintenance quoted for the work, sent our Engineers to site where they installed a solution for this particular house and its array of PV solar panels.

The customer signed off the work and has reported back to us that while his has seen birds landing on the roof, that we have resolved the issue which he had contacted us to resolve, that of Pigeons nesting under Solar Panels. If you are experiencing the same issue of Pigeons nesting under Solar Panels, please CONTACT US to discuss your particular situation and requirements. We are also happy to quote for County Council properties or Rent Your Roof schemes.