Flies in the House

April 22, 2013By cornerstarFly Screen for Doors, Fly Screens for Windows, News

If you have Flies in the house then according to Barb Ogg, PhD, Extension EducatorĀ at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, then “the best way to prevent fly problems in a home is to exclude them by screening” or to use flyscreens on your doors and windows thus erecting a barrier to entry. Dr. Ogg goes on … Read More

Solar Panels Pigeon Protection

March 5, 2013By cornerstarNews

  Solar panels provide space for birds like pigeons and starlings as well as other pests like squirrels to roost and homeowners are desperately looking for a solution to stop this. Corner Star can supply an innovative, non-penetrating Solar Panel Pigeon and Pest Barrier solution for customers, that is fast and easy to install and … Read More