Wellumic – The perfect balance of lighting and sun shading

Lighting and sun shading, hand in hand: German Market Leaders Warema and Trilux cooperate on the development of the Wellumic control solution to create the ideal lighting conditions for users. Wellumic maximises the proportion of natural sunlight in buildings without glare, raises energy efficiency and improves lighting quality.

Daylight has positive effects: It supports our biological rhythm, increases our well-being and our ability to concentrate. However, providing perfect lighting conditions while maximising daylight utilisation is not easy. If the sun shines brightly enough outside, the lighting in the office is switched off. If the sunlight creates glare, the sun shading system must be closed. If, on the other hand, it gets too dark outside, the lighting system adds the artificial light required to achieve the desired lighting level. The problem is that since the natural lighting situation changes continuously and dynamically during the course of a day, it is virtually impossible to keep on manually adjusting the sun shading system and lighting. Now, TRILUX and Warema have pooled their expertise and jointly developed the Wellumic control solution to automatically coordinates lighting and sun shading, creating optimum lighting conditions that are as natural as possible while consuming minimal energy.

Maximum daylight, minimum glare

One of the central components of the new system is special sensor technology that measures the illuminance level and colour temperature at the workplace and sends control commands to the lighting and external venetian blinds. This means that the Wellumic control solution always creates perfect lighting conditions – prioritising use of available daylight without creating glare.

Human Centric Lighting (HCL) taken one step further

HCL lighting solutions change the spectral composition of light during the course of the day in the same way as natural daylight. This promotes well-being and activates a number of physiological processes, such as the human biorhythm. “With Warema at our side, we are now taking another important step”, explains Joachim Geiger, General Manager Marketing and Sales at TRILUX. “In the perfect interplay of natural daylight and artificial lighting, of sun shading and lamps, we have redefined the standard for Human Centric Lighting.” The illuminance level, light colour and direct-indirect lighting are all taken into account to make the lighting conditions as natural as possible. “This is a true innovation”, adds Ulrich Lang, Business Development Architect at Warema. “Together, we are bringing daylight inside buildings, along with all its positive effects.” The Wellumic control solution makes office lighting not only more efficient, but also more natural and pleasant.

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About Warema

Warema, the SunLight Manager, is Europe’s leading brand for technical sun shading products. A family-owned company, it was founded in Marktheidenfeld, Bavaria in 1955 and has since become a full-range provider of internal and external sun shading systems and smart control systems. Warema offers professional product solutions in the fields of outdoor living, home comfort, smart home and interior design and partners with planners to support them throughout the planning process. In addition to producing sun shading systems, the Warema Group also maintains a successful market presence in plastics engineering and mechanical engineering. 

Additional information can be found at www.warema.com


Trilux the lighting specialist combines individual components to perfectly tailor complete solutions to customer requirements and the field of application. Complex and extensive projects can be implemented quickly and easily from a single source. 

The TRILUX Group has six production sites in Europe and Asia and supports international customers through 33 subsidiaries and numerous sales partners. The Lighting division includes the TRILUX SIMPLIFY YOUR LIGHT, Oktalite and Zalux brands. Associated companies include the ITZ (Innovation and Technology Centre), ICT and the online platform watt24. With locations in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium, Great Britain and France, the TRILUX Academy provides the necessary expertise on topics, trends and innovations in the lighting industry. TRILUX employs almost 5,000 people worldwide. The company is headquartered in Arnsberg.

Additional information can be found at www.trilux.com.


Images Courtesy of Warema Group