Warema WMS Wireless Blind Controls are the intelligent solution for smart sun shading. Products across the home can be operated by transmitting commands through a network of wireless receivers. Clever control modes move the blinds to preset, favourite and also to positions defined by the weather. Warema’s WMS WebControl pro and WMS studio pro solutions offer users and experts even more flexibility and comfort.

WMS WebControl Pro App Hands Control to You

The new iOS and Android app enables simple and intuitive control of sun shading systems and light via a tablet or smartphone. WMS WebControl Pro provides a flexible shade and light control system. Firstly, you can easily control your blinds from the comfort of your home, in the office or while on holiday. Secondly, data is securely transmitted around the world via a cloud maintained in Warema’s German headquarters. Thirdly, the graphic view provides instant feedback on the product position and was developed with the end customer in mind. Earlier in 2020 the Plus X Award jury presented WMS WebControl pro with the prestigious award for ‘Design, Operating Comfort and Functionality’.

The app also features a time switch, control modes and an astro function that controls the sun shading system at dawn and dusk, so no need for a  weather sensor. The system can also be controlled using smart speakers like Amazon Echo, just say “Alexa, lower my window blinds to 50%”.

The start screen is easily personalised to show the user’s favourite settings and the latest information from the WMS weather station. Homeowners can change the settings themselves and display the information on smart phones, compatible tablets or other linked devices. In summary Warema WMS Web Control Pro Blinds controls are a must have feature in your smart home.

Change Settings Quickly and Easily With WMS studio pro

Configure WebControl Pro with Warema WMS studio pro software for PCs. Warema Web ProThe user interface features Warema’s clear design, simple graphics and intuitive menus make the software easy to use. The self-explanatory icons for allocating sun shading products to receivers and sensors make configuring the system very simple. WMS studio pro also received a coveted Plus X Award in 2018/2019. 

Standard settings are predefined in the software so users who do not want to delve into the system can simply use the pre-set values. Preferred or Comfort settings are simple to define and can be set by specialist dealers or tech-savy users. The WMS stick is required to transmit data from the software to the products. The stick enables quick data transfer to the WMS receivers and can be bought from Corner Star, simply contact us HERE.

With Warema WMS Studio Pro software, users do not have to consult the manual; mouseover, help texts and the integrated help function quickly identify what needs doing. Every project is automatically tested for feasibility. Users are notified of any problems making the application safe  and effective. The new software can be downloaded HERE

Images Courtesy of Warema International.